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Unity Web Player | 2013_10 - Sample Assets



You are a space salvager - a person who ventures into wrecked space-faring vessels to scavenge and salvage anything that may be valuable. You were sent to recover anything you could from the ruins of the recently located USS Nuxoll, a MASSIVE (lol Bryce) cargo ship carrying valuable technology that was thought to be lost forever after disappearing ten years ago. Being the first salvager to get approval to scavenge the ship, you have the potential to earn a lot of money... if you can survive the horrors that claimed the ship's crew.


No space salvager would be caught dead without their suit and teleporter gun. These two vital pieces of equipment make traversing space environments safe and easy, albeit slow. The suit restricts movement entirely to anchor the user to surfaces, preventing them from floating off into the cold confines of space. The only way to move is via the attached teleporter gun, which shoots a ball that teleports and anchors the user to the surface it lands on.

The suit can also emit light in a radius around the user, useful for lighting up dark areas. Further, the range of this light can be extended by feeding the suit scrap metal.