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M.E.N.A.C.E. - the Most Extreme NuxolliAn ChallengE. An extreme physical competition held once every thousand years. Competitors from all over the universe come to compete for a shot at being an AI researcher under our glorious Earth leader, Dr. Andrew M. Nuxoll. Contestants must go through a gauntlet of six challenges, followed by a final battle with the head of the CS department, Dr. Steven R. Vegdahl. Will you be the lucky student? Or will you fail Dr. Vegdahl's algorithms AND compilers exams?

HUB WORLD (Unity-chan's Castle)

The hub world is where you begin the game. To play a game, simply walk towards its portrait and jump into it to start it. Use the WASD or arrow keys to move, and space to jump.

The small portraits play the game depicted on the portrait, then return to the hub upon completion. The large, animated portrait makes you play all six games in succession, in random order. There may be a special challenge waiting at the end, as well…

CONTROLS (Hub World)

Before each level, there will be a loading screen explaining the controls of the particular game. For instructions on those levels, refer to those loading screens.