Hi! I'm a front-end web, Drupal, and mobile app developer for GamePress.

Here's a portfolio of my work!

Alohamoji Marketplace

September 18, 2016

Native Android app for sharing Hawaii-themed stickers.

Take a Number

September 18, 2016

Worked in a team of four to develop a digital “take a number” system for the University of Portland’s computer science labs to ensure students receive timely help from lab professors and assistants. The project consists of an Android tablet application, web server, and web page. The Android tablet app functions as a digital gradesheet/checkpoint […]

Merlin’s Magic Square

September 18, 2016

Native Android app. Based off of one of the puzzles in Riddle School 5. Players must create four patterns on a tile grid. Clicking on a tile toggles that tile, as well as a number of adjacent ones. Download it here! View the source code here! (Github) (Note – only tested on phones with a […]