Hi! I'm a front-end web, Drupal, and mobile app developer for GamePress.

Here's a portfolio of my work!


March 19, 2018

A very popular guide/reference site used by mobile gamers. Current active and supported sites include Pokemon GO, Fire Emblem Heroes, Fate/Grand Order, Dragalia Lost, and Dragonball Legends. I created tools for gamers to use (stat and probability calculators, simulators, etc.), laid out the groundwork/foundation for multiple sites, and set up easily updatable and maintanable reference […]

Mentorship Link

September 20, 2016

1st place at Startup Weekend Honolulu 2015. Worked in a team of ten to create a platform for connecting high school students to meaningful project-based internships. Worked on the prototype website and coded the automated email sender for new members’ confirmation emails. Gauged interest in the product by surveying potential users. Link to current beta […]

Alohamoji Marketplace

September 18, 2016

Native Android app for sharing Hawaii-themed stickers.

Ko Olina Resort

September 18, 2016

Cross-platform app that details the Ko Olina Resort’s shops, services, restaurants, resorts, and parking information in an interactive interface.

Take a Number

September 18, 2016

Worked in a team of four to develop a digital “take a number” system for the University of Portland’s computer science labs to ensure students receive timely help from lab professors and assistants. The project consists of an Android tablet application, web server, and web page. The Android tablet app functions as a digital gradesheet/checkpoint […]

Haunted Forest

September 18, 2016

Unity 3D first-person survival horror game. Heavily based off of Slender: The Eight Pages. Players must travel through a dark forest while avoiding invisible enemies. The player may stun enemies by shining their flashlight on them. While the enemies are invisible, they give off a distinct, eerie sound when near that the player can use […]


September 18, 2016

Play it here! (must be on a Unity-enabled browser, such as Firefox) Download it here! Unity game. Based off of Takeshi’s Castle and Wipeout. Players must go through a gauntlet of six challenging minigames, eventually facing the final boss. Trailer: Screenshots:

Space Salvage

September 18, 2016

Unity 2D platformer/exploration game. Players must venture through seven areas of progressive difficulty, collecting items along the way to heal or otherwise aid them. Play it here!(must be on a unity-enabled browser, such as Firefox) Download it here! Screenshots:

Merlin’s Magic Square

September 18, 2016

Native Android app. Based off of one of the puzzles in Riddle School 5. Players must create four patterns on a tile grid. Clicking on a tile toggles that tile, as well as a number of adjacent ones. Download it here! View the source code here! (Github) (Note – only tested on phones with a […]


September 23, 2016

Voted best in class. Created a visualization of the correlation between a Pokemon’s attack/speed and its BMI, using data scraped from http://pokeapi.co. Project was done using Javascript, HTML, and CSS. View it here!